Commute Together

Commute Together

Makes managing your carpool or ride sharing group easy.


Ride share scheduling and communication made easy!

  • Each member sets which days of the week they ride.
  • Members can add exceptions to the usual schedule for specific dates.
  • Group coordinators set the schedule of who drives on which days.
  • Can have multiple rotating drive schedules.
  • Coordinators can add exceptions to the usual driver schedule for specific dates.
  • The Schedule tab displays who is riding and driving for each day.
  • Can export the schedule as a PDF calendar.
  • Send texts to all group members or just the people riding today.
  • Sends notifications to other group members when someone changes their schedule.
  • Each person can turn notifications on/off or set a time period to hold all notifications during a specific time and send them once that time has passed.
  • Any group member can add fuel expenses.
  • Coordinators can create invoices and add other expenses.

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Then check out our getting started page to find out how to start managing your rideshare.

Getting Started

If someone sent you an invitation to join a group, you can also join the group and manage your ride schedule from any device using the web app. The web app does not have all of the features that the iOS and Android app has yet so if you need to create a group you will need to install one of those apps.

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